Hey, you!

I hope you are well! I hope you are being intentional about how you’re styling each day of your life. Just like you pick out the perfect outfit to kill it in a job interview, blow a man’s mind on a date, or turn all the heads at the local nighttime hot spot, style your life each day, with intention. 💜What will you do for yourself? What will you do for others? How will you move yourself towards a goal? How will you better your position today, compared to yesterday? What time will you set aside for quiet and reflection, for journaling or reading? Take the time to slow down and be intentional. You can have the exact life you want. Manifestation is real, you guys! Plan that shit out, then get that shit done!

Okay, time to get things clear. Yes, this blog is titled, “FML two times” and it is about fashion, motherhood, music, love, and lifestyle. But I want to clear the air that this is not another mom blog where you will see coordinated pics and outfits of my kids, granddaughter, and I. You will not always see a tidy home, and we don’t eat homecooked meals every night for dinner. Sometimes, my kids have sandwiches and I’ll have tea and water. Other times, they’ll whip up some salmon fettucine alfredo, garlic bread, and a salad like it’s nothing. And then there are most days where I do cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Point is, the lifestyle portion will indeed be about me sharing my life, but it is more about curating and styling your own life into something more beautiful, profound, and unapologetically genuine than you ever imagined, as I am. The music part is about how you can use music as therapy, how to set different moods with accomplish different things, and my top picks and rejects for the moment. The motherhood portion is about the trials and joys of being a married mom and, now, a single mom, the ups and downs of having three teenagers, a preteen, and a granddaughter, each with their own individual needs and personalities. I’ll share mistakes I’ve made, things I’ve accomplished, things I’ve learned from living life, years of therapy, several parenting classes, and books, and I’ll share our travel adventures, fights, experiences with racism, classism, and more. The love portion is not only about self love and loving others, although that is a HUGE part of it, but it is mainly about the stigmas and stereotypes behind dating, my ideas of what women and men should change to have more successful dating experiences, why I choose to date, and why I choose not to. And the fashion part will be all about my thrift finds, refurbishing and upcycling, and my unique style. I’ve been setting trends since junior high. 😉

Most importantly, I hope you have started writing your list. In the previous blog we started talking about forgiving yourself. What do you need to get over or let go of in order to feel better when you look in the mirror? If you’ve finished your list, great! But if you are taking time, that is great also. Need some help on where to start? Maybe you missed an opportunity at work and you have not been able to let it go. Maybe it was a missed opportunity for a relationship. Maybe, there was a meet up you skipped and heard about after, and really felt like you missed out on networking opportunities. Perhaps you have not been taking the best care of yourself and now you are feeling the effects. Forgive yourself. Write down the things you would do differently if given another chance. Write out the situations that left you feeling less than proud of yourself. Take some time to seriously self reflect. Purge it all, write it out. Because that s a crucial first step in forgiving yourself, learning to love and accept yourself, and being your true self.

Let me know in the comments📒 if you’ve started your list or finished your list and how the experience has been for you so far!

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