Now what?

Self-care looks different depending on the day and time.
Today, it’s a few minutes of reading on a work break.
But care for you in some way, EVERY day!

How are you looking? You’ve purged your stuff, right? You have taken the time to write out a list of things you need to forgive yourself for. Now what? Now comes the good shit! Now, we begin the real work! Oh, you thought that was tough? You thought that was the meat? Oh, honey! That is the Primi, or soup course, in an Italian style ten course meal. Sure, it was hot and heavy, but you want more, right? You’re ready for the meat. That’s next?

Next, we are breaking each feeling apart, breaking each part of us down, and welcoming them all to tea! Wouldn’t it be great if we invited all the parts of us to tea? The liar, the coward, the bad ass, the great friend, the lover, the manipulator, the anxious, the fearful, the persistent, the determined, the comedian. What if we said to all the parts of ourselves, “YOU ARE WELCOME!” Why do we insist on living this life that looks perfect? Nobody’s life is perfect! Nobody is perfect! So, why not be real with ourselves and others, and love ALL the parts of us. The good, the bad, the pretty, and the ugly. Just because it happened to you, doesn’t mean it defines you.

So, we take all those parts that need forgiving, and forgive them. Yea, it sounds like it is super easy but it is not. It is a process. It will be work. It will take intention and focus, tough days, tears, joyous days, and laughter. It will cause growth, and that is what matters.

Start by noticing your thoughts. After all, we really should not believe everything we think because sometimes, our very thoughts are the things that sabotage us, that keep us from moving, from chasing after our dreams. Are the thoughts you think productive to you? Do they make you feel good and secure, or do they leave you feeling worthless and down? Pay attention to your thoughts and entertain only the ones that empower you. This is where the work comes in. You have to control what you allow yourself to think. Every thought occupies space in our heads. We have no vacancy for hurtful and damaging thoughts! And the moment a negative counterproductive thought enters your mind, chase it away with a positive affirming one.

Remind yourself that you are forgiven and you are not who you once were, and you are not fully who you will be! Think about all the wonderful things you want to feel and think, think them, and watch your entire life change. Watch your relationships, your job, your sleep patterns change. With progress comes peace! And there is no price on that!

Leave a comment about the one thought you’d like to control the most. What is the one thought you think regularly that causes harm or self doubt? Let’s talk about it!

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