What does forgiving yourself look like?

What’s one thing you can compliment yourself on? Not physically, but think of one characteristic that you really like about yourself. Was it easy? Did you immediately know what it was? Or did it take you a moment to think about it? If it took you some time, perhaps you have not fully forgiven yourself. I say that not because, if you’ve allowed yourself to forgive yourself, you’re now perfect. But because you’d embrace all of the good and bad parts of yourself, acknowledge them, work to improve what’s necessary, aim to grow and change. But, you love yourself. You love yourself and accept yourself so much, it’s easy to compliment yourself! Extending grace to ourselves is one of the most important and kind things we must do. It allows our mistakes to be be made, but not wallowed in. It allows our experiences to be lessons and not burdens or barriers. Grace. Be gracious with yourself AND to yourself.

It’s easy to speak life and love to yourself when in acceptance of who you are. It’s easy to look at yourself and compliment the inner qualities AND outer qualities, when you’ve let go of yesterday’s choices and circumstances. When we allow ourselves to be human, and accept the fact that we are no matter the commonalities, we are not like anyone else and embrace the now and the future. There is no pause. You proudly say, “I’m a bad ass and I’m rocking this thing called life.” See, one thing for sure, two things for certain 😉 life will bring you unexpected circumstance. You won’t be prepared for everything. But you can be ready for anything? let me explain. Because life is so unexpected, there is no way to plan or anticipate everything. But when you develop yourself into the bad ass that you truly are, you are bigger than any problem or obstacle that life will throw at you, therefore, you will be ready.

The weight you have released deserves celebration. The freedom you have permitted yourself to feel and the love you now extend to yourself deserves a celebration. The burdens you have thrown away and purged means you can now move on embracing yourself anew.

Now, does that mean the work is done? Do we now get to carry on with life, living in bliss? Well, somewhat! We can live in self acceptance, and that brings a level of undisturbed peace that is more profound than you can imagine! We, again, are not perfect. We will go through the rest of our lives making good and not so good choices, and living with the results. But, we now know that whatever the result is, we’re allowed to embrace it as if we’d chosen it, and not hold ourselves as prisoners to thoughts of unworthiness and regret. We handle ourselves with grace and patience through the journey, and allow ourselves to fall. We know how to pick ourselves up! 💙

It means we look in the mirror and confidently tell ourselves, “You got this. You are great and deserve great things.” We affirm daily to ourselves, ” You are a bad ass. Keep at it!” We can compliment ourselves without hesitation. We can flow through life’s ups and downs, embracing the good and bad, embracing the hard and easy. Forgiveness looks like fully loving yourself with pride, inner peace, imperfections, love, and, most importantly, grace.

And trust and believe, when I say it is work, it is WORK, okay. Each and every day we have to be intentional about out thoughts, actions, choice of words, the company we keep, and the places we go.

Please leave a comment below and let me know if this inspired you at all! 🙂

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