How have you been doing?

2020 has been a hell of an experience, to put it lightly. The pandemic has shaken us all, I’m sure of it. It seemingly came from nowhere, the information we get is ever changing, the quarantine has been a struggle, and now virtual…everything. How are you doing? How are you managing all the differences? How are you maintaining your well-being amidst all of the changes? When things are beyond our control, it can cause panic; how are you doing?

I’ll tell you something. For me, it has been good and bad. When this pandemic first happened, I did not know what to believe. Each time I turned on the news, the information changed. One day we were being told about measures that would prevent COVID-19, and the next day we were told there may not be any way to prevent the disease. It went from being spread through direct contact, to being contracted through community spread. Travel was shut down, businesses closed, life changed. Then, throw in working from home and having your kids, if you have them, home learning virtually and yo have a hot mess. There are a lot of moving parts. If you do not have a large enough home to accommodate everyone having their own private learning space, what do you do? How do you cope? If you live in a different state than your immediate family or your best friend, how are you dealing with loneliness?

I’ll tell you how I’m doing. I miss my family back home in Washington state. It is hard living over 3,000 miles away from my mom. But, I am also doing very well! Yesterday was my virtual book release party and it was FANTASTIC! It was really great. I had more live viewers than expected, I laughed, cried, played charades; it was super fun! And I got a few pre-orders before the night was over! I am also exhausted. It takes a lot of work to plan content for social media, plan a virtual party, plan and host a Halloween party, plan and write blog posts, remember to take pictures of everything, be a full time mom and grandma, a full time employee, a friend, and manage to take care of myself. It is work! But, that is why we are here, right?! To impact as many lives as we can in a positive way. Our kids, their friends, our neighbors, our colleagues, bosses, random people we smile at on the street. Leave a good impression and a smile. But, it is not always easy. Over the last week I had three breakdowns. That is not a typo. On three different occasions I broke down and cried this last week. Crying is not the breaking down part, crying is perfectly healthy and normal. But I cried in the midst of a breakdown, three times.

I want you to know that this is a shared journey, hello! I, by no means, have it all figured out. I have to be intentional every day about how I will face the world, love and fill myself up, and manage uncertainties. It is daily, intentional, progressive work.

I had no idea if I was going to be able to pull off my virtual book release party. It seemed that everything was falling apart at the last minute. Co-parenting can be a task in itself when both parents do not communicate well, and this past week, my ex husband and I did not agree on anything concerning our son. Then, there was the situation with my truck. I got an oil change on a Saturday and by Monday my car was overheating and not fully operable. As if it could come at a worse time, I was on the highway coming back from picking up my sons’ new glasses on my lunch hour. I was trying not to panic in front of my kids, I was thinking about being late from lunch, and what on earth I’d do to get out of the middle of the highway without getting smashed into from behind! So, after handling that situation (I waited for my car to cool down, and drove it home) I was determined to still do what needed to be done. Of course right?! And now the problem is that every guy that says he can help me with my truck, really just wants to take me on a date and when I decline, they are over me and over helping me with my truck! 😂 Go figure.

So, I will wait for an appointment at the dealership, hope it is covered with my bumper to bumper warranty, and keep being a bad ass multi tasking mom, on the metro or on two feet.

As with life, no matter what happens, it is important to face each obstacle as if we had chosen it for ourselves, and that will not only change our outlook on the issue, it will give us a more clear way of approaching and tackling it. Let me know in the comments how you have been doing this past week!

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