Yep, I’ve fallen for Fall!

The fashion, the leaves changing colors, the cooler weather…Fall has stolen my heart!

Sooo, it’s official. I am in love all over again! I mean, how could I resist? That’s right. I’ve officially fallen for Fall! I feel like such a trader, though. My favorite season is and always will be Spring. I am an April baby, an Aries. I love the outdoors, tulips are my favorite flower, and they have a huge tulip festival in Washington state every Spring. Plus Spring is a great time to enjoy nature. Oooh, but Fall! You tugged at my heart strings and I did not even put up a fight! The color palette is warm and cozy… like a pair of fuzzy socks or a cup of hot chocolate. The weather is gorgeous and unpredictable, with sunny days and rainy ones, too. The fashion is layered, colorful, sexy, printed, versatile. Fall, how I love you!🧡🤎

One of my favorite things about Fall, other than the colors in nature and the fashion, are all the Holidays! More holidays mean more days off of school for my kids, which means more movie nights, more fun memories, and more sleeping in and making breakfast at noon! Last weekend, we did “Blueberry Brunch”.

Do it, but make it cute or fun- is my motto! We made blueberry pancakes from scratch, I made a sweet potato hash, we had turkey bacon and turkey sausage( this is a no pork house) iced coffee, and apple juice. We lounged in our pajamas, watched a baking show on Netflix📺 and a few gamers on YouTube, and then we cleaned out all of the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen, categorized everything into bins and containers, and decluttered. It was awesome!

This past week was absolutely beautiful, with weather in the seventies and even touching the eighties. So, we did get a lot of outside time. But, having three teenagers and an eleven year old that lives between my house and his dad’s house, it is hard to hang out with my kids as much as I used to… and as much as I want to. Life is so busy right now that we really have to be intentional and make time for the people and things that truly matter. One of the most popular love languages, is quality time. It is actually two times more popular than the second love language, words of affirmation. I love spending quality time with my kids, although they do not always love spending time with me. 😂 We all actually enjoyed the decluttering and reorganizing and my children all said that everything looked great and it felt great when they were finished!

That’s what I aim for, do it, but make it cute…or fun! Sometimes, we can get carried away with our busy schedules and our regular routines that we forget to slow down and embrace the present moments. We plan for the future and make arrangements for the future, but forget to pause and enjoy the present. Working and saving for the future is great, necessary, smart. Living only for the future, missing precious moments, forgetting to make memories, and waking up with regrets, absolutely is not. Do you make it a point to spend quality time with yourself, your children, your family members, and friends? Do you take your kids to do one on one things that they enjoy, just for quality time? No reward or incentive, just because you want to know your baby, the little person that grew inside you that may not be so little anymore. I encourage you to, today. Even if you do something as simple as figure out a crossword puzzle together, go for a walk outside and chat about the day or what you’ll have for dinner tomorrow, but spend some time. You can even sit in silence and just massage your baby’s head. Remember when they were little and you could not get enough of their little feet and hands? Remember massaging their little heads until they drifted off to dreamland? They love it still! Trust me.

Never get too busy planning for the future that you wake up one day to realize that your life has passed you by, your children are grown up, you do not know them, and you do not have memories, but regrets. Life is to be lived, enjoyed, and embraced wholeheartedly. It is not to be spent rigidly and strictly making sure a future, you are not even guaranteed to see, is set up a way that may not even make sense when that time comes. Invest in relationships. Invest in people. Invest in good memories, laughter, love, and fun. “People may forget what you said. People may forget what you did. But people will never forget the way you made them feel. “(Maya Angelou)

Focus on things that will last beyond a lifetime because that is how you make your lifetime worthwhile. 😘

Let me know in the comments if you can relate to this post?

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