Baby, it’s cold outside!

Cold weather= cozy up, sip hot chocolate, and watch movies! .

Brrrrr! It is December and it is cold in these parts of the world. It is the kind of cold that penetrates to your bones and aches. The kind of cold that takes a while to shake off once you get indoors. It is the kind of cold that makes you not want to leave your house…and with a pandemic, that is the best thing to do, anyway! Sip tea, snuggle and cuddle, watch movies, play games, read books, do crafts, deep clean your home, sort through emails, get rid of clothes and shoes, go through paperwork and bills, create a budget, learn a new skill or even a new language. But stay home! If you have not been paying attention, the COVID numbers are increasing. If you are one of the ones that do not believe it is real, stay home anyway and love on yourself and others. And if you have been affected by it in any way, whether it was directly or indirectly, you are in my prayers and I am sending positive healing vibes and lots of love to you.

I don’t know about you guys, but when it gets cold, I still try to find things to do. Being that I am from the Pacific Northwest, where it is cold often and rainy mostly, the cold does not stop anything. One of the first major things I noticed about a lot of people from the DMV area (DC, Virginia, and Maryland, if you’re unfamiliar), is that they stop everything when it rains! People cancel plans even if they are indoors, because they do not want to venture out in the rain, at all. Not even to walk from their vehicles into an establishment. It’s kind of funny to me because I grew up doing everything in the rain! Playing, fishing, running errands, whatever we had to do, because it rained so often, we did it in the rain. Now that I live in Washington DC, and we are in the midst of a pandemic, it is even more crucial to stay home, rain or shine, and find activities indoors. So, no, I am not going on anymore, looking for things to do. I am not looking on social media to find the local events anymore, and I am not meeting up with any friends or colleagues for food and/or drinks! I am insistent upon social distancing at this point. And I was not before. I wear my mask, carry hand sanitizer and use it often, wash my hands often, and maintain my six feet, but I did go out to several restaurants over the summer and into the Fall. But now, I am even more serious about wearing my mask, anytime I am out of my house, I am constantly making sure my children wear theirs and wear it the right way, and I’m reminding anyone I see not wearing a mask or improperly wearing a mask while I am out, to put their mask on.

Now, that last part has met me with a lot of bad attitudes and a lot of angry confrontations. Yep. People have literally cursed me out for asking them to give me sis feet of space and asking them to put their masks on. In a Safeway grocery store, at a Wing Stop, and at a Rose’s retail store. I decided, it is time to stop venturing out for anything. People are not taking the COVID-19 virus seriously enough for me, which is why the numbers are steadily rising. So, for the sake of my family, and anyone we may come into contact with, we are staying put! Lucky for us, I have all kinds of indoor activities for us to do. πŸ˜ƒAnd, lucky for you, I am going to share some, plus, there is always the good old internet if these ideas aren’t your cup of tea. Feel free to hop on Google, YouTube, and Pinterest, and search for at home activity ideas in whatever category you’d like.

Reading in my self-care corner

I, for one, will always recommend reading as the best indoor activity! There are books about everything; there are books for everyone. There is no excuse, in my opinion, for people to not read at least one book per month. If you can read more, please do. But, commit to reading one book per month. Whether it be a self-help or self-development book, a money management or financial literacy book, a true-crime, a romance, or a book on how to grow food indoors, please, read. Reading is very beneficial. Not only can you learn a lot, especially depending on the genre of book, but it expands your imagination. Reading inspires creativity, boosts your vocabulary and comprehension, helps with sleep readiness. improves brain connectivity, and prevents cognitive decline as you age. More benefits of reading include fighting depression symptoms and reducing stress. As someone that suffered with depression for many years, I can attest to the fact that reading definitely does combat depression symptoms. Self help books teach methods to manage depression and fiction books help you escape isolation and depression by getting wrapped up in someone else’s story! The United Kingdom’s National Health Service even begun a program to treat certain conditions, where medical experts prescribe self-help books curated by medical experts. Again, I say, READ.

I also recommend games, of course! My kids and I LOVE to play games. The most recent favorite of ours is Heads Up. If you’re unfamiliar, it is a game you download from the Google Play or the Apple App store on your phone, and it’s super fun. I guarantee you, it will make everyone laugh! Monopoly and Uno are always a fun vibe. And now, they have several different versions of Uno and Monopoly. They have Emoji Uno, which my kids and I got off and really enjoy. There is real life Monopoly and a Cheater’s Monopoly. There is even a Monopoly with debit and credit cards. Again, there is something for everyone. Jenga is another classic game that is guaranteed to make you laugh. Connect Four, I Declare War, and Dominoes are other family favorites, Most of these you’ve probably heard of, and if not, please look them up.

So, other than games and reading, which I am sure is not for everyone, and I am also sure will not fulfill every free moment of every day for long, I encourage you to bake or cook. Learn new recipes. Try new ingredients. Order groceries off the internet and try new dishes. They even have monthly subscription services where you can have food delivered to your home with ingredients and recipes. Blue Apron is a great one. I also recommend that you talk. Do you have open forums in your home? Do you have family meetings where you sit down and express how you all are feeling? Do you have one on one time with your kids and do you make sure you spend quality alone time with your significant other? When we live with people, our routines can sometimes get in the way of actually connecting. The repetition of routine day after day, can often lead to time escaping us, and before we know it, months or even years have gone by and we are unfamiliar with the very people we live with. I encourage you to talk to your loved ones as you would talk to someone you just met or like you would talk to your best friend. And let me be clear, when it comes to your children, your children are not your best friends. But, I mean, to be honest and open with them when it comes to certain feelings and thoughts, and allow the same from them. As I was growing up, I was constantly told that my opinion did not matter, I had no wants of my own, and I had no voice. I never wanted that for my kids. I always told them that they could talk to me, and if they did not agree with something, there was a correct way to address it. I let them know that my mind may not change, but they have a voice, their opinions mater. and I will acknowledge them. Please, do not underestimate communication. Talk.

Gammy’s baby girl!

The most recent thing we did in our house, was rearrange furniture. I discovered that I have much more space in my living room than I realized, by simply rearranging all of our furniture. It was exercise, but it was fun, and I am very happy with how it turned out. Move some things around in your home and see if you like the flow better. It may just create more peace. See if it opens up more space. I also recommend getting creative. Get an adult coloring book or borrow a coloring book from your kids, but coloring is fun and beneficial. It reduces stress, improves your motor skills and vision, improves sleep, and improves focus. And, again, since this is the blog where you get your life all the way together, I will always encourage things to help you mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Painting is also fun and beneficial for many of the same reasons! Plus, it’s fun to display your works of art right with the kid’s!🧑

Those are some of the things that we do in my house, and I encourage you to try some of them. Will you? Will you stay home and get creative, read more books, and talk to your loved ones? Give me your favorite emoji in the comments if you’re in!

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