Yay! I did it!

I finally conquered one of my biggest fears! I have struggled with this fear for my entire life. Since I will be 35 for the rest of my life, do not ask my age, but you are welcome to try and guess, and at least you know that this has been something that’s carried on throughout several decades. But, finally, alas the time has come, the fear is gone…. I am Officially an entrepreneur!! Yay! For the longest time, I thought that in order to be an entrepreneur, you had to leave your regular or corporate job and venture out as your own employer and one day hire other people, invest all your own money, possibly go broke several times, fail several times, and then reach success. My, oh my, was I wrong. According to Oxford, an entrepreneur is, “a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.

Well, I am officially able to call myself an entrepreneur now! I am a blogger, I am a self-published author, and I am a business owner. And I am also proud. For years, I had convinced myself that in order to be an entrepreneur, several things had to happen:

  1. I had to save enough money for start up costs, while maintaining every day expenses. That means I had to live far below my means and save as much as possible.
  2. I had to walk away from my 9-5 job in corporate America and be totally dependent on my business to generate income to live, thrive, and reinvest in the business.
  3. I would have to come to terms with failing, maybe multiple times, but continue on, fighting and generating money.

I did not have enough confidence in myself to believe I could do those things. And more importantly, I had the wrong idea of what an entrepreneur is. Now that I know, I can officially claim the title, and I like it. Now that I have the self-confidence, the plans, the steps I need to take, and the resources, I am officially an entrepreneur!

I do not want to walk away from my job just yet. I intend to continue working hard selling and servicing insurance policies, and using the income to further build and grow my brand. I do want to eventually step away from being an employee for good, and I have a plan to do so, but I am content with where I am. I am content with the journey.

I want to share something with you. If you are a new reader, welcome and thank you, and you must know that I encourage mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual self-care daily in order to be truly well and whole. If you follow my blog, then you know what it is. Self-care is important for mental health and clarity. Finding your purpose is also super important. The way to fulfillment is taking care of your self, knowing yourself, and finding and living your purpose. A lot of people believe that means starting your own business. But I want to tell you that your purpose my be right at your job. Do not be fooled by watching someone else’s journey or listening to what others tell you. Find your purpose with your pain and/or passion.

What are you passionate about? Is it helping people make the right decision on what to purchase for their needs? Maybe you should sell, or consult, or counsel, but it does not mean you have to be an entrepreneur. It is not for everyone. It is a tough job requiring a lot of heart, commitment, dedication, persistence, sweat, tears, money, long nights, saying no to a social life at times, while focusing on the purpose and the prize, maintaining your everyday priorities, maintaining your well-being, and maintaining your finances.

I wanted to share my good news with you and encourage you to follow YOUR own path. Just because your best friend, sister, co-worker, or neighbor is an entrepreneur or has the desire to do so, does not mean that you, too, are meant to be an entrepreneur. You may make a huge impact with your pleasant personality at work. Perhaps you brighten worlds that you are not even aware of. Maybe the fact that you are always the one to come up with creative ideas to better the team’s workflow and productivity is your impact. Do not underestimate your impact! Know that your purpose, your design, is unique. It does not and can not look like anyone else’s.

I hope this encouraged you. Leave me a comment if it did! And don’t forget to subscribe HERE.

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  1. Congratulations on conquering fears!! Awesomeness all over the place!! Love you much!!!

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  2. Awesome!! I love your page and how you win and promote self care!

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