Seasons Change

Winter. Summer. Spring. Fall. They all take their turn, then give up the stage when their time is up. Such is life. We all have seasons to go through and, just like the seasons of the year, nothing lasts forever. I want you to take your time, and re-read the previous sentence. Internalize it. Commit it to your memory bank. Because, if you’re anything like the majority of us, we have felt at least once, that the season of our life that we are in, is everlasting! Whether it be a feeling of joy, love, and celebration that you don’t want to end, or a bad experience that you only wish would end, sometimes, we want our seasons to end on our terms and they just don’t. It can be frustrating when the season or experience does not end when we choose….

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But, did you know that unlike the seasons of life, you actually CAN control the seasons of your life? I’ll break that down. I do not want to give the impression that we are in full and total control of our lives because, well, let’s be completely honest, we just aren’t. Whether you acknowledge and believe in God, some other higher power, or not, the truth remains that things happen beyond any of our control. However, because we have choice, we have control.

We have control over whether or not a season is good or bad. That comes from mindset shifting. That comes with choosing how we respond to any given situation. Once we realize that every season, good or bad, comes to take us to a higher level in life and character, then we can accept every season, hot or cold, comfortable or uneasy, as good! Because it IS FOR our good! It is for our healing, our self-growth, the revelation of something we need to learn, our elevation, and it is to make us better! Now, when it comes to certain situations, death in particular, I believe that’s the only case that this does not apply to. I believe death is one of those things that hits differently, thus, this philosophy, in my opinion, cannot be applied. Grief is never good. The pain of death is a sting like no other. But you can still be comforted and strengthened when you lose a loved one. Having to move on with loss, with that void, is very challenging and will make you, if you allow it to, stretch yourself to find ways to cope, manage, and move on. That part of death is the only thing that can possibly looked at as good.

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So, I want to talk about three things we can do in the midst of a testy or trying season. There are several things we can do in order to be intentional about mindset shifting and maintaining our mental health and peace during the changing seasons in life. Let’s be honest once more; change is not always easy or embraced. Here are three thins we can do to move through the seasons of our life with grace and peace.

  1. Write everything down! Do not underestimate the power of putting pen to paper. When you are feeling anxious, write. Angry or frustrated? Write. Happy or excited? Write. Not only will this help you to gain clarity on your feelings, and reflect, it gives you something to reference at a later time. Writing down your thoughts and feelings helps with mental clarity, improves your mood, and helps with fulfilling your purpose. You ever have a lot of great ideas but no idea were to start or what to do? Put it on paper, break those dreams, thoughts, and goals, down. Then you can work through them step by step.
  2. Be intentional- Be very mindful and intentional about everything you consume from social media, to news, to food, to alcohol. In the midst of a testing season, you may be adding to the turmoil with alcohol consumption, negative news, social media comparison or “noise”, and toxic unhealthy food choices. Make sure to listen to positive uplifting music, podcasts, and audio books. Stay away from conversations and interaction with those negative speaking friends, colleagues, or family members. Make sure to only consume healthy foods and if you must, consume unhealthy foods in moderation. Drink plenty of water, and limit alcohol intake. Keep your insides clean and fed with positivity so it manifests in the physical form during testy seasons.
  3. Celebrate yourself! Practice celebrating yourself regularly. Celebrate how far you have come, all you have endured and conquered, and all you will achieve. Think about the goals you had that you’ve already reached. Remind yourself of your exceptional qualities and capabilities, and tell yourself that you are great! In tough times and easy times, encourage yourself with affirmations and continually focus on the positive.

Those are a few ways to be intentional about your positive mindset during the seasons of your life! Let me know if this helped you in any way by leaving me some feedback!

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