Let the music move you

Since the beginning of time, people have used music to celebrate, to empower, to divide, to unite, to uplift, to encourage, to protest, to rebel, and more.

Music is a mood. It is therapeutic. It is a variety of feelings and emotions. Not a day goes by that I don’t listen to music. I love to dance and I love to sing, so that has something to do with it. But, I also like the way I feel when I play certain songs. You know what I’m talking about. 😉That song that brings back a sweet or fun memory and brings a smile to your face. Your favorite producer from your favorite musical era that knows exactly when to drop the beat and make your body move. That song you danced to with your first love, or at your wedding reception, or on your best birthday. Music is a mood! I am a fan of music from the 1990s and early 2000s. I’m a romantic and I love love ❤and I feel like the music from that era was all about love; the love of hip hop, the love of being black, the love of being a woman, or man, the love of family, romance, and all the good feels.

Have you ever put on some music, turned it way up, and just let the music move you? A lot of people are afraid to dance, even by themselves, because they believe they have no rhythm, they do not know any particular popular dance moves, or they simply feel awkward doing it. Well, let me be the first to tell you that you are missing out on one of the most amazing and freeing feelings ever! I encourage you to put on your favorite song, turn it up, close your eyes, do not worry about what you think you feel like, and let the music move you. Allow the melody to move your body, let the music tell your arms what to do. Let the bass move your feet, the strings move your arms, and the horn move your head. Let the music move you, baby!

I decided to compile and share a list of twenty of my favorite feel good songs, sure to make you dance and make you celebrate yourself. This list is mine so it consists of songs in my taste of music. Please comment below which ones you enjoyed the most. And please feel free to comment below some of your favorite songs. I’ll go find them. I want to listen to what you like!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

You can find all of these on YouTube, Spotify, or almost any major streaming platform. I’ve included links to YouTube. Most include the lyrics but keep in mind, some of the lyrics may not be accurate.

  1. BJ the Chicago Kid Turnin’ Me Up
  2. Jazmine Sullivan Masterpiece
  3. Beyonce’ Love on Top, Dangerously In Love
  4. Ro James Permission
  5. Mario Let Me Love You
  6. Tamia Stuck With Me
  7. Chris Brown With You
  8. 112 Only You
  9. Mary J Blige Real Love
  10. Tevin Campbell Can We Talk
  11. Sade No Ordinary Love
  12. India. Arie Brown Skin, The Truth
  13. Monica Love All Over Me
  14. Brandy Have You Ever
  15. Tupac Shakur Keep Ya Head Up
  16. OutKast Hey Ya
  17. Tyrese Sweet Lady
  18. Jamie Foxx Do What It Do
  19. Usher You Make Me Wanna, Do It To Me
  20. Aaliyah Try Again

These are all some really great songs from a few of my favorite artists. Stay tuned for next week’s music blog post where I will be sharing another playlist. Follow and subscribe below.

And be sure to leave me a comment sharing some of your favorite songs!

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