How to get unstuck: 5 journal prompts to move you forward.

Life’s a: beauty, blimp, bitch, blast, beast, and many other “b” words and other words! But one thing is certain and that is that life is what you make it. Have you ever planned something out meticulously but still, something happened to mess it up? Ah, life. You can fold in that moment, or you can keep pushing forward. It’s your choice.

You ever pray for something extremely diligently, fasted, and trusted God to do that thing but it didn’t happen? Ah, life. And, who gave us life! You can choose to be stuck in that moment or you can keep trusting God to continue to bless and keep you according to His riches, for your good, and His glory.

Life has definitely been a combination of the “b” words listed above for me, and there have definitely been moments of doubt and self-sabotage. But, if you know me, you know I encourage journaling as a part of self-care and mental health maintenance and improvement. There have been many times where I’ve felt stuck and journaling helped me. Recently, I’ve felt stuck in many areas of my life, professionally and personally, and I’ve had to turn to these journal prompts to help me get unstuck. They’ve helped me and my hope is that they help you, too!

Remember, you can journal anywhere. If you can’t get to your pen and paper, open your phone’s notepad and journal there.

Here are 5 journal prompts to help you get unstuck:

1. I’m feeling stuck right now_______ (describe how) but, I’m grateful_________(list several accomplishments, blessings, and victories).

2. When I am at peak productivity, it looks like________ and it feels like________. When I am at low productivity, it looks like______ and it feels like ________.

3. Because I envision myself as a ______(describe your ideal life) I know I need to ________ to make it happen. I will ________(list two things you can do today to put you closer to living that vision).

4. My favorite motivational quote is ________ because _________.

5. The character traits I have to help me be productive are _______. The character traits I’d like to have and will work to develop to help me be more productive are ________.

These journal prompts have proven to be helpful by encouraging you to express gratefulness, reflect over victories and accomplishments, and also focus on where the room and need for growth is.

Let me know if these journal prompts help!

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  1. These are great journal prompts, I can’t wait to start using them. I know for certain that life is full of uncertainty and the only thing we can control is how we react to what’s happening around us. Thanks for the encouragement and Great read.

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  2. I look forward to using these prompts to keep me focused on myself instead of my coworkers or family. These are very personal as opposed to ones that I have used bf which were more career oriented. Thanks for sharing these!

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