Why are you single??

Have you ever asked yourself this question? If you are single, I’m sure you have; several times. Let me ask a more appropriate question: have you ever asked yourself why you are single, then taken the time to self-reflect, take accountability, and answer honestly?? As a woman of a particular age, divorced, with four children, two of which are adults, and having studied people and dated men from all types of backgrounds, I think I know why so many women are single. Now, this is not for the women that are happily single. This is for the women that claim to be happily single but know that they are not. This is for the women that want to be in relationships but cannot seem to get into or stay in one. This is for the women that want to be somebody’s son’s wife, but cannot get that ring! This is for the women that are destined for failure in this dating game.

Keep in mind that these are just opinions, observations, and conclusions that I have made. They are not facts. But, this is my blog and I like to keep it honest, and share all I can to help someone else.

Ladies! Listen up. We have got to get our stuff together and take some accountability for why we are single. It is not all the fault of these men. Now, let me preface my tips my saying that there are a lot… A LOT of emotionally unavailable men, emotionally immature men, damaged, and broken men, and men that just aren’t husband material. Let it be known that I’m not speaking of these men. I’m speaking of the quality men that we wish to marry.

I know a lot about the failures and successes of dating from a woman’s perspective, and I am thrilled to begin this series of blog posts to help my ladies out!

Ok first things first: ladies check that ego at the door! An ego is for a man. Point. Blank. Period. There isn’t room for a woman to have an ego on a relationship because it immediately removes the humility necessary for cooperation. Feel me on this. If you have an ego that leads you to challenge everything, debate everything, and speak on everything, chances are that you are single. Men like peace and where there are two egos, there is no peace. If women would learn that, there would be a lot more relationships and a lot more marriages.

I want to go deeper into this for several reasons. First, because I know a lot of women will disagree with me and say that a woman can indeed have an ego in a relationship. This is only true if you plan to be with a beta-male, one that you can ultimately dominate and take their alpha-male role. I’ll side bar here and say that a lot of women say they want alpha-males when in fact what they want is to be the alpha-male. Ladies: we cannot have an alpha male and a lot of masculine energy at the same time. It won’t work.

Women often say that if they find a man, “the right man” they’ll be feminine, soft, and “wifey” material. But what they fail to realize is that a man knows if he would marry you or not within a few interactions. Trust me! A man knows whether you’re a wife or a fling right around the time, if not before, that you even decide to take them seriously. Women, we need to understand this and change our behavior.

Men want peace! They don’t want a woman that complains and nags and thinks she should be in control. No man wants a woman with masculine energy, walking around like a dominant force. Men want peace and femininity. Women, we need to learn to tame the ego, and tame the tongue.

I’ll end this one here. This is part one, tip one. And I am very interested in the feedback and opinions of the men and women out there. So, talk to me! Please, let me know if you agree or disagree in the comment section below. And stay tuned for part two!

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