Looking back at 2021.

With only a few more days left in 2021, I thought it would be great to reflect over the past year and welcome in great things for the new one. I don’t know about your 2021, but mine shook my life in a way that I never imagined. Losing my oldest sister Simone was the worst thing I’ve experienced so far. And I have experienced a lot. The crazy thing about life, is that you never know when it will end. You know the end is inevitable, but you just never know when yours will be over. You know how the saying goes: life is short? And the one: live life to the fullest? Yea, they don’t hit the same anymore. I thought, I hoped, I just knew I would have more time with my big sister. I just knew it! And that is the part that stings the most. Thinking you’d have more time with someone to talk and learn and laugh, and then the next thing you know, that thought is interrupted by the slap of reality: nothing is guaranteed. And because of that fact, I have cried every day since April 15th. Some days. I have to fight back the tears because, let’s face it, I’m a 38 year old mother, grandmother, full time employee, and small business owner. I have things to do. But some other days, grief stops me dead in my tracks. Grief takes my breath away and I feel like the earth is falling away from my feet. I’m left hanging there, dangling, hoping, wishing, and praying.

Life is beautiful, too, though. Life is full of love. And with that, sometimes, comes loss. Two of my male friends died unexpectedly this year also. One in May and one in July. Life and loss can be comparatively painful when you think about the fact that you can’t have one without the other. Life’s end is inevitable.

Simone and me, Christmas Day. 2015.

2021 also came with some good things that shook my life also. As a small business owner, I am constantly learning new ways to grow my business and market my business, and this year I was accepted into the Black Business Accelerator Program that Amazon created! It’s been amazing to learn all I have so far, and I’m super excited about the networking opportunities and business growth opportunities! One day soon, you will find Stuck It To Me’s sticky notes in Target, Walmart, and other major retailers! Mark my words. Words are powerful and dreams spoken aloud and written down are, too!

I was laid off at the beginning of the year. Covid cut backs was how they explained it. Whatever. The point is, I was let go. It shook my entire family. As the sole breadwinner it took a tremendous toll on my family. I was smart enough to have saved my Covid relief checks from the government as well as a significant chunk of my income tax return, so we were okay with some of the cutbacks we made. But, still. Knowing your savings is depleting without being replenished, is a pretty nerve wracking feeling. I’m fully employed now, thankfully, because I seriously need to rebuild my savings. I want to start investing more into my retirement and my kids’ futures, and my granddaughter’s future, so at this point in life, it’s important to be someone’s employee and collect a bi-weekly check. Yes, God.

Oh, and can we talk about this pandemic? Yes, we are still in a pandemic and why are some folks acting like we are not? The mask mandates…. That should not even be a topic of conversation for functioning adults. WEAR YOUR MASK!! It should be simple after all this time. And you would think, no, I would think, that simply because Covid is mutating and bringing friends to the pandemic party is reason enough to wear a mask. Mandate, no mandate. Seasons change, germs change. This is not new. And since and if wearing a mask can cut down on cases of the flu, cold, and other contagious illnesses, including Covid and it’s mutants, why is this even an issue? People, people, people!!! I repeat, WEAR YOUR MASK!! Please, and thank you!

One very beautiful thing about this year is Jimmie. He’s a man I’ve known since the third grade and without going into too much detail, Jimmie was a blessing in my life for a season and I am forever grateful to know him. I have learned so much about myself and about things that I still need to heal. I have learned a lot more about him also. I needed him in order to truly see myself. He did that for me and I am so appreciative.

What’s your 2021 been like? Has it been a roller coaster like mine? Have you been sailing smoothly through the months? Whatever you have experienced over the last year, can you do me a favor? Can you write down five of the best things and five of the worst? And then, celebrate the fact that whatever is on that “Worst of 2021” list, didn’t take you out. You’re still here with a purpose and plan for your life, so celebrate that!

It’s hard sometimes, I know. If your heart is hurting it can be hard to celebrate. But, you must. You can if you try and trust me, it’s worth it. Think about what you can do with whatever time you’ve left and celebrate that. Then, get to it!!

Cheers and good riddance to 2021. I’m grateful for what it taught me, and seriously looking forward to 2022, whatever it may bring.

I’m ready for 2022! Are you?

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