It’s as great as you make it

We’ve been in 2022 for almost two weeks and boy oh boy, it has been amazing!!!! As the title of this post says, and in this case life is the it, is as great as you make it and I can testify to that. Let me tell you a story and maybe it’ll make more sense.

I recently started a new job. It pays more than I’ve ever made before up to this point, there are flex hours to arrive (anytime between 8 am and 10am) and they require 36.25 hours per week but will pay you to work up to 40 hours a week. It’s in my area of expertise, Property and Casualty insurance, and it’s an hour commute on the train, giving me plenty of time to read! I mean, does this sound ideal or what? Another rhetorical question because yes, it is ideal. It is awesome! Now, when I was applying for new jobs, I knew exactly what I wanted. I knew the line of work I wanted to be in. I knew the salary I wanted. I knew the area I wanted to work in. When this company reached out wanting to schedule an interview, I did a bit of research on the company and decided to go ahead with the interview. After the first one, which went very well, something tried to creep up in me and tell me this job wasn’t for me. Let me remind you of a few things: the pay was more than I’ve ever made, the position was the one I wanted, and the location was pretty great, too! So, why on earth would I be having this intrusive thought telling me that this was all wrong? I’ll tell you why! Because life is as great as you make it and if the thoughts you choose to entertain are those of mediocrity, sabotage, and all things undeserving, that is exactly the kind of life you will have: great in mediocrity, great in sabotage, and great in undeservingness…. Yes I made up that word up and yes I see it underlined in red telling me it’s misspelled and/or not real, but let’s go with it…

Now, if the thoughts you entertain are those of overcoming, of achievement, of deservingness of great things, then that is the life you will have. Life really is as great as you make it so I ask you this, how great are you determined to make this life of yours?

What are you willing to do to make this life exactly as great as you want it to be? I’ll share a few things I’m doing.

1. Learning to ask for help. This is a big one for me because I have struggled with this, off and on, for quite some time. But, I have learned that asking for help is a good thing. To think I have everything figured out, can do anything and everything, and need no assistance, is quite an arrogant and big-headed way of thinking. Everyone needs help from time to time. And, asking for it when I need it, has tremendously improved my life and relationships.

2. Celebrating everyone. I am being very intentional and plentiful with compliments, gratitude, apologies, grace, forgiveness, love, care, concern, and celebrating! I want to help make people feel good about themselves! Plus, it makes me feel good too! Win, win!

3. Getting into better shape. I’ve always, minus about a year from 2018-2019 and when I was pregnant, been slim and athletic looking. Take note of the “looking” word. Looking athletic and actually being athletic are very different. And I have made it a priority to make this the year that I get back into great shape. I used to run seven to eight miles everyday. Every. Single. Day. And about six years ago, I stopped. Now I can go about a mile and a half before feeling winded and I’d like to get back to the place where five miles is a breeze. To do that, I’m working out twice a day, stretching, lifting weights, and I hired a personal trainer to help me reach my body and fitness goals.

Since we’re less than two weeks into this year and have plenty more time to go, I hope you’re still as hopeful and optimistic as you were the last couple weeks of 2021. I hope you’re still looking forward to everything that you can make of this year! Because remember, life really is as good as you make it so make it absolutely fantastic!

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  1. Love your beautiful outlook for 2022! Best wishes on your new position! You will be an asset to your new company and that’s a fact!

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