Still celebrating!

Here we are. Three and a half weeks into the new year and it’s been fabulous! Okay, minus the battle I had with Covid for about a week and a half. That was rough. But, thank God I’m getting better every day. The lingering symptoms are a bit annoying, but I’m no complainer. This new year has been awesome and I’m still celebrating! You’re probably thinking that it’s crazy for me to say these three weeks of 2022 have been awesome, when I had Covid-19 for two of them. But it’s true. This year has been great and is steadily getting better.

1. I’m celebrating the fact that I have a job that gave me paid leave, without fore notice, so I could stay home and be sick. That’s a reason to celebrate because there are a lot of people that do not have a job right now and want one or need one. I’m grateful and so I celebrate! I love the insurance industry and this is a cool job that I could learn to love, so yes, I’m celebrating!

2. Love is such a beautiful thing. To love someone and have that love returned, truly makes your heart smile. I love love! It’s definitely worth celebrating!! Love: when it’s easy, it’s empowering, it’s honest, it’s open, it’s real. Then, it’s beautiful, and it’s SO amazing! And, one day I will be a wife again. I’m definitely celebrating love!

3. I’m a mother of four and a grandmother of one and my kids and granddaughter are beautiful people. Inside and out. Life hasn’t been the easiest and it hasn’t been the roughest but it has been beautiful. My twin daughters don’t live at home anymore. But they come visit often, come have dinner and hang out. But, it’s the random texts thanking me for being a great mom with pictures from their childhood. And it’s them thanking me for the good times they had in life, that I’m celebrating. It’s the random tight hugs and I love you’s that I’m celebrating. It’s my granddaughter telling people about the hair style I gave her, the salmon and rice I cooked her, or the pictures we colored together that I’m celebrating!

All in all, January has been pretty amazing. And with this weekend trip planned with my love, it’ll end amazingly! And, I’m international and certain that, come what may, the rest of this year will be even better, and I’ll be writing a few more of these kind of posts, celebrating!

Care to share what you’re celebrating these days? Leave me a comment and let me know something you’ve celebrated this year.

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