5 ways to push past the mid-week slump.

Sometimes, Wednesdays can be tough. It’s the middle of most work weeks and Friday is so close yet so far away. I used to feel sluggish midway through the week. There was a time I’d pull up my paid time off record just to see if I could afford a four day work week. Yes, it was that bad! But, I like to think I’ve mastered the mid-week slump by practicing a few things.

1. Watching my diet and increasing my water intake- fatty food, fried foods, and sugary foods and drinks cause a high then a crash. I avoid these things altogether now and feel great all throughout the week! No more mid day or mid week crash!

2. Celebrate where I am- there is always something to be grateful for and celebrating with a grateful heart is a sure way to stay positive and move through your days with ease and peace.

3. Phone a friend- the lifeline we all need is a friend we can trust to encourage us, motivate us, keep it real with us, and to be there for us in our time or need. I never hesitate to phone a friend when in need of an emotional boost. Nobody is meant to live life alone.

4. Write in my journal- being intentional about recording my thoughts about how I feel, why I feel a way, and when the feeling arose, helps relieve stress and pinpoint where I can shift my life to feel better mentally and emotionally.

5. Self-love is always a good choice but whenever you’re feeling a mid-week slump, don’t hesitate to love on yourself a little extra with an at home spa night. I give myself a hand massage with warmed almond or olive oil mixed with an essential oil like lavender or orange. I like to soak in the tub while playing my favorite songs and burning a beautifully scented candle. Hugging your lover or kids a bit longer helps, too. Hugs are awesome and super beneficial to mental and emotional wellness.

Remember, the middle of the week may seem ages away from Friday and not far enough from Monday, but keeping a positive mind and a healthy hydrated body can help you breeze right through to the weekend with joy and peace.

Leave a comment if any of these tips helped you.

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