Did you miss me??

I sure missed you all! I have truly missed releasing my thoughts and opinions, feelings and emotions, stories and reactions through my fingers to you, my readers. I have missed sharing pieces of my life with you all. I have missed this space. And, although I haven’t written a blog post in a while, I definitely have still been writing. I have been doing a lot of writing actually, and I am happy to say that I’m almost completely finished with my first adult poetry book! More about that later, but I just had to come back and say hello and share a few things with you all!

I appreciate each of you, first of all. Without you, my readers, actually clicking the posts, leaving feedback, following, liking, and sharing my blog, it wouldn’t still exist. So please know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are truly and utterly appreciated, and so needed.

Also, I am starting a YouTube channel! For months now, people close to me, and people not so close to me, have been encouraging me to start a podcast or a YouTube channel. I’ve decided on YouTube. There are a ton of things that I apparently and obviously have insight on and it’s time I stop playing timid. It is time I stop acting like I don’t know stuff, and start walking like the intelligent and inspirational woman that I am, that others already see me as, and that I am destined to be.

Another thing I’m working on is expanding my blog. I am going to start posting five days a week. My blog posts will not be as long and extensive as some of the ones from 2021, not all of them, but they will be posted consistently Monday through Friday. I’d love to continue getting comments and feedback from you all. And I’d love for you to ask any questions, express any concerns, and even suggest topics for me to write about.

The rest of this year is all about living fully and truly, not timidly and fearfully. Fully! It’s all about finally taking the leaps of faith that I have been so fearful to take in all the years before!

So, this first post back is a short and sweet one. I wanted to check in and say hello and also let you all know a little bit about why I’ve been away, and to let you know about what’s coming! So, please, stay tuned!

Talk tomorrow!

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