Who taught you that?

The other day, I was in one of my favorite retail stores. You know, the one with all the candles, and the color red everywhere? The one where you walk in with a plan to spend $50 and somehow end up spending $300? Yeah, that one. I was in the back by the dressing rooms, which just happens to be one of my favorite departments in the store: the womenswear clearance department. This is usually my first stop in this particular store, outside my list of course. And it’s terrible because I usually find something I want and don’t need… but sometimes even something I need!

Well, on this particular day there was a couple back there, too. A man and a woman, and the woman was rummaging through the clearance rack. I was surprised the man was hanging out while she shopped, but to each his own. Suddenly, the man stated that he was going to the mens department to look for a white jacket that he needs for his job. Yes, I could hear and see the entire interaction. This woman proceeded to raise her voice and tell him that he in fact didn’t need to go get a white jacket because he didn’t need to spend money on anything for a job that he wasn’t going to be at for long.

Y’all! I was in shock. I wonder now, in hindsight, if my feelings and thoughts about their interaction displayed on my face, as they so often do. I actually hope they did because I think I wanted the woman to know how shocking her statement was. I wanted her to know that she was out of line and that her attitude was ugly and frowned upon. That man immediately looked emasculated and torn down. He immediately looked down to the ground in shame. I felt so bad for this man! I mean, I wanted to say something, but figured I shouldn’t. I thought to myself: that isn’t the first time she told that man what he was and wasn’t doing. She was too comfortable doing it in public, so I know she does it far worse in private.

The only thing I could think was: who taught you that? Who taught her to tell a man what to do? And not only a man, her man?! Who taught her to disrespect a man? Who taught her to disrespect her man? And in public? Who taught her to be so masculine, and bossy, and aggressive? Who taught her that? Was it her own mother? Did she watch her mother display that behavior towards her father, or other men? Maybe it was her grandmother. Did she watch this behavior from her grandmother towards her grandfather? I highly doubt it.

So, it this modern culture of feminism? I don’t exactly know, but wherever it came from, it needs to go back!

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Was this woman out of line or not? And who do you think taught her that?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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