She get it from her momma?

If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll know what the title is referring to. If not, please go back and read it now, that way you fully understand and relate to today’s post.

Many of you may have heard about the recent passing of Kevin Samuels. He was a relationship coach and image consultant with a large social media presence and following. He had a YouTube channel that I watched regularly. When I got the confirmation of his passing, I cried for hours. It felt personal because it was! I admired him, what I knew about him, and I recognized what he was doing. To know he is gone, devastated me. It also got me thinking more about the masculine women he described in his videos. It took me right back to that day in that retail store. Yea he one I talked about In yesterday’s post. I believe the woman in that store felt comfortable emasculated and disrespecting that man because it was a learned behavior that she’d seen many times before. That woman probably saw her mother behave that way. Maybe her mother never married and had nothing but negative things to say about men. Maybe her mother married a man that tolerated such behavior. Either way, I firmly believe that what she displayed that day was learned behavior. Perhaps her mother never married and expressed resentment towards men, discontent, discord, disrespect? Either way, I think she got it from her momma.

I firmly believe how a woman interacts with and treats men is learned also. How a woman sees men, how she values and views men, starts with the way her mother models behavior with men, or the discussions her mother has about men and with men.

What are your thoughts, Could this behavior be solely this woman’s bad choice? Or is it a learned behavior passed down? Please, share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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