What happens when…

What happens when you suddenly find yourself at a crossroads – one way leading to a place you’re familiar with, and the other way leading to some place that’s unfamiliar…what do you do?

Do you run back to that familiar place with enthusiasm because there is comfort in knowing what’s there and who’s there, even though the outcome and consequences may not be ones you liked or appreciated? Do you slowly turn back to the familiar place with hesitation and resistance, knowing who and what lies there?

This way, or that way?

Or, do you skip ahead to the unfamiliar territory with high hopes and happiness, ready to embrace the unknown, content and confident to face whatever and whoever may come? Do you side step with a leery look in your eyes, not knowing what or who to expect, but still determined to move forward and see?

How do you handle decisions to go back to the old ways, or develop new ones? Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever found yourself in a situation with people where you had to decide to display growth and healthy coping skills? Or maybe you’ve found yourself having to decide to be a bigger person that you’ve ever been before.

I’m going to share more on this tomorrow so I wanted to open up the topic today.

Is it ever better to turn back to old ways, or should one always aim forward to be better, different, bigger? Let me know what you think by leaving me a comment.

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