See you at the crossroads

One thing is for sure and several things are for certain – life is ever changing, time waits for nobody, and you cannot plan for everything. So, when you come to a crossroads in life, where you have to decide whether to walk in the newness or you or stand in tour old ways, what do you do?

Recently, I found myself in a situation where I had to decide to act like the old me or walk into the woman I’ve worked to become. I chose the latter. And it was not easy!

I was forced to be in the presence of someone that has done nothing but disrespect me and my children. This person has been ugly towards me for almost 20 years. It was a huge challenge to deal with this person. But, I had two choices – I was at a crossroads. I could either deal with this person in the ugly and immature way that I had before, or not. I could meet this person in their pettiness and ugliness, or not. And I chose not to. I chose to take the path that tested the woman I said I wanted to be, the woman I’ve worked to become.

What would it prove to meet that person where they are and be just as petty? It would prove nothing positive for sure. It would prove we are still both immature and not better that the other. And I didn’t want that to be this narrative. I refused to allow stupid behavior to put me into a place that I have worked to get out of.

I did slip a little bit and made a smart comment, but I owned it and acknowledged it and didn’t make excuses for it. And I also left it there. I didn’t carry on and on about it, I didn’t make a scene, and I went on with my life.

Choices, people. We all have them. And when you get a crossroads in your life, think hard about the choice you’ll make, the direction you’ll take, and why. And then, make the best choice – move forward and don’t look back unless you’re measuring and celebrating how far you’ve come!!

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