The Friday feels

It’s Friday. It’s payday. It’s hot, sunny, and bright outside. The air is warm and thick and I am feeling great. How are you feeling? There’s something about Fridays that make you feel good. Maybe it’s coming to the end of the work week, knowing you have two full days to do whatever you want – two days to not worry completely about the job you’re paid to do. Or, maybe it’s knowing that you have two days to make your own plans and live by your own rules (somewhat). Or, maybe it’s knowing that you can make plans with your family and friends to create memories and unwind.

Whatever it is that you look forward to the most about Fridays, they always feel good, right? They always feel like a breath of fresh air. Fridays feel like freedom. They feel like fun. They feel like fabulousness.

Cheers to Friday! Talk to you next week, where I’ll begin my series called “Everybody doesn’t win – the problem with participation trophies and the damage it’s done to our society.”

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