The beginning and end of participation trophies

I’m 1998, Victor Martinez, a columnist in El Paso, TX, said participation trophies, “…give our children a false sense of accomplishment.” His article, in a way, sparked a lot more conversation and controversy about participation trophies and whether or not they should be removed from sports, particularly sports involving children. I found this information on and thought it was interesting. Please, click the link above and go read it yourself.

And, I have to say that I agree. Based on yesterday’s post I think that’s obvious. I think that awarding children simply for participating gives them a false sense of entitlement, as if when they don’t choose to participate, then the opposite it true – there’s a consequence. Participation shows teamwork and that, in and of itself, is an essential and awesome thing to teach children. It’s a very beneficial skill to have. Where as entitlement, isn’t a skill at all. Rather, a barrier to the realities of life – it takes work, often times hard work. And there are rewards for that work in life, but not just for living.

More trophies.

Winning, looks different for us all in the end. But when it comes to sports, where there are clear rules, a score kept, and one team comes out with more points, then the other team has to face the reality that this win wasn’t there’s. It doesn’t mean they can’t win next time. Kids need to understand the emotions and feelings that come with disappointment. It’s reality. It will happen in life. Learning to manage our emotions is so important and the earlier we can teach kids to do that, I truly believe, the better.

What do you think? Are we setting up kids for a sense of entitlement and mismanaged emotions with participation trophies? Let me know by leaving a comment. The discussion continues tomorrow so please come back!

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