The problem with entitlement

Entitlement is an ugly thing when it rears it’s head. Thinking you deserve something when you’ve done nothing to earn said thing, is entitlement. Believing you deserve something you haven’t put work in to earn, is entitlement. It isn’t cute. It isn’t even right.

The Oxford dictionary defines entitlement as “the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.” Not one person on this planet is entitled to anything but death, that is certain for us all without any effort.

Nobody is entitled to anything. We must earn or build what we want.

Everything else, must be worked for and earned. When people enter society with a sense of entitlement, they generally move in a disrespectful way. They tend to lack empathy and may exhibit traits of selfishness or self righteousness.

If you’ve ever come in contact with someone that you’d describe as entitled, you understand exactly what I mean. I would say that entitlement causes issues in society because leads to laziness and complacency, it also can lead to people taking advantage of others. It can lead to scamming and lying. Not saying that’s the only reason people do those things – but that they are contributing factors. Entitlement is bad behavior and in turn, it leads to bad behavior.

So, just stop it.

Stop thinking the world owes you anything. It doesn’t. Stop thinking that anyone on the world owes you something. They don’t. Stop walking around like you’re deserving of anything just because you like it, admire it, desire it. If you feel those things, think those things, believe those things, then you must put in the work to receive them, to earn them, to obtain them. If you want to have a lot of money, you must develop a skill set, or use your natural talents and master those, to present to people to pay you a lot of money. Money won’t fall into your lap. It doesn’t manifest like magic.

Now, let’s break away for a moment and touch on manifestation. It means you want something- you then make the necessary mindset changes and take the necessary actions – you receive the something you wanted. Manifestation requires action. Entitlement is the lack of action but desire of outcome. Just, stop it.

Stop thinking anything worthwhile is going to come easily to you . Yes, we all have natural talents, skills, and abilities. But, if we don’t utilize them, what’s the point of having them? If we don’t utilize them, or develop skills and talents to get what we want, what’s the point? Similarly, what’s the point of entitlement instead of diligent work? So again, O say, stop it.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this because it’s a masterpiece and it’s relatable. Feeling entitled to things you didn’t work for is an ugly behavior! I hate how people who have done nothing for you will expect you to move mountain for them.

    Well-done, Victoria ❤️

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