Are you ready for another weekend?

I sure am! And this weekend, I’m exploring handheld foods in Washington DC and I am super excited about it! It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share with you, right? So, are you ready to eat some handheld food with me? I know, it’s not the weekend quite yet, so I’m using this time to do more research and to get some feedback. I hope you’re ready to share your opinions with me because I need them!

For starters, let me say that I love African, Caribbean, Asian, and Mediterranean cuisines the most so naturally some of the handheld favorites from those faraway places have to be on my list. After doing some research I was pleased, and not the least surprised, to find that Washington DC had restaurants from all these cuisines and more. My plan is to try a bunch of different handheld foods then recreate my favorites at home!

Come travel the globe through food with me, without ever leaving your home state.

Let’s travel the world with handheld foods, shall we? Starting with Jamaica and the delicious and spiced beef patty. If you’ve ever tasted a well made, well seasoned beef patty, you know why it’s so special. The flaky buttery crust that holds the juicy and delicious mixture of beef, seasonings, and spices inside, is good enough to make your heart and soul sing a beautiful melody. If you’ve not had the delightful experience of tasting a good Jamaican beef patty, do yourself the favor, as soon as possible.

Now, I’ve had a beef patty from one of my favorite Caribbean restaurants in Washington DC many times – Pimento Grill. But there are a lot of Caribbean restaurants through the four quadrants of DC, and I know one of them has a great beef patty.

Jam Doung Style is one of the restaurants I’ll visit this weekend to begin my beef patty escapade, and Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant is another one I plan to visit. I also hope to make my way down to Spice and see what their patties are about, too.

Between the three- I wonder who will reign as beef patty champion! I’m not Jamaican nor have I ever been to Jamaica, but I do know and have a deep love for good food. And most if not all of the international cuisines in Washington DC are prepared authentically by immigrants from the perspective countries. So, let’s see who I think makes the best beef patty. Stay tuned! Tomorrow, we’ll talk about where I’ll go for my favorite Thai hand held food.

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