To Thailand, via the Satay highway

Okay, obviously I need to work on my catchy and creative blog titles – but I think this one is a great start! Anyway, we’re going to Thailand today, via chicken satay. Have you had it? I have a super soft spot for Thai food. I used to work in Tyson’s Corner, VA, and I’d go to this little Thai restaurant right by my job almost every day and order Thai basil fried rice with extra fried Thai basil on top and peanut sauce on the side – so I can pour it over the top, stir it in, and eat my way to bliss.

It’s hard to go wrong with grilled chicken. And when you marinade it well and top it with a delicious and slightly spicy peanut sauce – bliss! So, I’ve found several Thai restaurants I intend to visit, get my hands on their chicken satay, and sashay through DC in total bliss!

Chicken satay

My first stop will be a trusted Thai favorite of mine, Sanphan Thai, on Pennsylvania Ave SE. Everything I’ve had there, including their food and drinks, has been delicious. I especially love their bubble tea and Thai basil fried rice. But, surprisingly, I’ve never had their chicken satay. Well, that stops this weekend! The second stop on my chicken satay search will be Thai Orchid’s Kitchen. Their chicken satay received excellent reviews so I’m excited to try it.

The third place I plan to visit is Beau Thai. Their chicken satay is actually highlighted on the menu! So as I sashay my way down the chicken satay highway, and drown myself in tasteful bliss this weekend, my hopes for you are that you make sure to find joy, excitement, fun, bliss, and tasty food this weekend, too!

Cheers to the freakin weekend!!

Cheers to another break from the corporate office and all the nonsense that comes with working in it! Cheers to another break from your blue collar job and all the nonsense that comes from working it! And cheers to all the other kind of jobs you may have, a break from it and all the nonsense that comes from working it! Enjoy, my friend!

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