Being black in corporate America: part four

What is it with the fleeting sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes with telling a white person they’ve said or done something racist? It’s not like they’re unaware anyway. Racism is ignorant. But it doesn’t mean the person demonstrating it is ignorant to it. So, the notion to “correct” or educate is redundant. My therapist says I’m a crusader, and that I need to learn how to let ignorance stay alone in its place. He says I need to stop worrying about assholes and people that say and do foolish things, and that white people will always be around so stop worrying about any of their foolishness, and worry only about the job. I agree.

I’ve been fired from jobs, yes plural, because I have gone to HR and reported people, because I have corrected ignorance, and because I have spoken up against micro aggressions. Because I foolishly assumed going through the proper chain of command would somehow lead to an ethical outcome, I ended up losing jobs. My therapist, whom I admire and respect, put things into a better perspective and shared some personal stories with me that helped makes sense of why my crusader spirit would never fit in corporate America. And, why I wholeheartedly and fully without a doubt believe that Black peoples need to be more of our own employers. We just get it! Either I decide to go harder and work to make the money I need to replace the income needed to support my family – or I learn to keep my mouth shut.

Thanks for reading about some of my experiences in corporate America as a black woman. I appreciate you for your support, sharing these posts, and commenting.

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