Born, or made?

Yesterday I touched briefly on the subject of whether or not people are a product of their choices or if they are born a particular way. Today, I want to go just a little deeper into this subject. As I stated yesterday, I recently watched the movie The Secret, I’ve been reading a lot of self improvement books, listening to podcasts, and watching YouTube videos, all on a mission to better myself, change my way of thinking, and improve my quality of relationships and life. I am of the mindset that we create our reality. Our life and the state of it is all because of choices we’ve made in the past, thoughts we have thought in the past, actions we have taken, or failed to take, up to this point.

Have you ever stubbed your toe on something, and then it seemed like multiple things went wrong after that, almost in a sick sequence of ironic events? Have you ever heard the saying, “ When it rains it pours?” Have you ever heard, “Mind over matter?” All of these things are what I am talking about when I say we make our reality. The movie The Secret talks about this, too. When we think something, it becomes a part of our reality. Have you ever accused a lover of cheating without any proof but with only feelings? And no matter what, you have thought about it so much that now it becomes a part of your reality? You ever heard, “Fake it ‘til you make it?” Have you ever showed up to an interview knowing full well that you cannot guarantee the outcome but you still give it your all? If you’ve ever doubted yourself before going into an interview versus feeling confident that you will get the job, you get it. Again, the same concept!

I challenge you to do this: write down one thing you want in the next 30 days. Every day, for 30 days write it down. Over and over again throughout each day, focus on this thing and imagine what it feels like to already have the thing. Imagine yourself after the 30 days already having that thing. Don’t doubt that you’ll get it in 30 days. Think constantly about what it’s like already having that thing. In 30 days, we’ll meet again and revisit this.

I’m excited for you! For now, enjoy your weekend, and remember to share your smile often!

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