How does gratefulness show up?

Did you know your attitude is responsible for a lot of the outcomes in your life? The way we respond and react to people and situations, plays a big part in how our life has turned out. For instance, have you ever had a poor customer service experience and you dealt with it with anger? Have you ever noticed that that the customer service representative is less likely to go out of their way to help you, and may become short tempered or even end the interaction? And, on the flip side of that, have you ever had a poor customer service experience where you dealt with the situation calmly and didn’t get loud or rude, and then were met with compensation, apologies, and/or resolve you approved of and appreciated?

My dad used to always say, “You get more bees with honey than sh**.” And as a young child I didn’t quite understand what he meant. But when I got older and found myself in different situations, I started to take note of the bees I kept with the honey, versus the bees I chased away with my sh**.

So, I want you to imagine showing up in the world with gratefulness every single day. Imagine walking into every situation with a positive mindset, not knowing the outcome, but always expecting the best because of who you are and how you present yourself to the world. Imagine everything around seeming to work together seamlessly in your favor. Imagine not having reason to complain. That is how gratefulness shows up!

When we express gratefulness for what we have, for where we are, and for who we are, the Universe, God, people, situations all work in your favor. Think positive, be positive, see positive!

It’s that simple.

Do you believe that? Do you believe you can control outcomes in your life with your attitude? Let’s get the conversation started in the comment section below. And thanks for reading!

Grateful day to you!

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