Hello, I’m flawed, nice to meet you.

Has anyone ever introduced themselves to you, and highlighted their flaws? Do you greet people with a smile and a ,”Hello, I have control issues, I may be annoying to you more days than not, and I carry around baggage from my past. I am so and so, nice to meet you.” Not often, if ever, right? How many of us want our flaws or the things we may not be proud of, to shine at the forefront of who we are? I think we can all safely agree that the answer is – no one. However, this does not mean that we all do not have flaws and that we all need to acknowledge them and work on making them better. This does not mean that there are things that we do not have to take a look at, this does not mean that we owe people an expananton of who we are and why we do what we do.

It does mean that more people need to accept the fact that they have flaws, they cannot run from them and make them go away. It means that more people need to accept the fact that they do have flaws, we all do! Why is it so hard for people to open up and say hey I am troubled in this way, hey I have such and such sruggles, hey I need growth and deveopment in these areas, I am strong here but could use improvement here in these areas?

Why is it that so many people feel the need to cover up a very normal, very common, widespread thing about all humans? Why are more people afraid of their flaws than welcoming to them?

Here is my philosphy: since all humans beings are flawed, differently maybe, but nonetheless we are all flawed, why wouldnt we want to come together and embrace all of them and use it as a sort of uplifting element for all mankind?

Rather than use it as a way to divide us and separate us, it should bring us together, like most other commonalities. For instance, when you go to a concert, it is full of people with similar interests in music, right? That commonality is what brought all of you together to that one place, that common like, that common ground – is what connected you together.

Same with flaws!

The flaws should bring us together

They could be used as a way for one person to reach out to another person and support.

It is one way that two flawed people can almost find comfort or strength in one another.

Let me put it this way:

Say for instance you have a leaky pipe in your home, you are not going to call an electrician, you are going to call someone that has the skill set you need, a plumber.

Why cant flaws be the same way?

We all have them and most of us want to be better, so why not use the flaws as like a starting point for growth? If they say that broken people find broken people and healed people find healed people…. hello…it seems we are all finding each other anyway with all of our flaws so why not build off each other, feed off each other, learn and grow from each other?

Maybe that’s just my analytical mind working again but it makes sense to me, rather than divide, unite.

Have a wonderful weekend, and think about your flaws and who in your life that you recognize similar things in. Reach out and talk to each other about it and brainstorm ways to conquer it, to develop a new skill to manage it, and to be better!!!!

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