Let’s get into it

While I’m waiting for feedback from you all, let’s talk about something in the meantime. Let’s talk about sex. Taboo as it may have been once upon a time, it seems to be a much more liberal topic nowadays. I’ve never taken a strong political stance and I won’t start today. But, y’all know I have some feelings, opinions, and thoughts, so let’s talk about it.

Sex is a beautiful thing. It is to be shared between two responsible people. It is not a casual act and should never be treated as such. The term “casual sex” should be outlawed. There is nothing causal about exchanging bodily fluids, exchanging soul ties, the possible reproduction of life, the risk of exposure to curable and incurable disease, and, not to mention, the emotional price. Why is it that people can know what can come with and from sex, and still choose to be so irresponsible about it? C

Can you make it make sense?

For starters, it’s begins at home. What are we talking to our children about? What are we allowing them to watch on television? What kinds of music are we allowing them to listen to? Are we attempting to guard their innocence and expose them to things age appropriate? Or are we letting them see, hear, smell, and taste anything society wants to feed them?

Sex is a topic that I believe should be discussed from a young age, appropriately. There are words and pictures you can use for younger children, to teach them about their reproductive organs, and answer any questions their curious minds ask. There are words, videos, pictures and things for older kids that teach them about their changing bodies, hormones, pubertal changes, and sexual urges and fantasies. Sex should not be shunned or frowned upon – it is how we all got here.

I think discussions need to be had more often about responsible and irresponsible sex. As a woman raised my a traditional man and woman, I think it wise for a woman and man to be married before having a baby together. I think it wise to use one of the dozens of contraceptives available to prevent pregnancy and/or disease when not married. I do not believe there are excuses. As a grandmother, a mom of a teenage mom, and a teenage mom myself, I know what it’s like having a baby when married versus when on your own. When I had my twin daughters I was married to their father. We were both in it together. When my daughter had her daughter, she was not married. The family dynamic is different for my granddaughter, than it was for me growing up and for her mom growing up.

People! Abortions or the lack of access to them is not the problem. Irresponsible sex, is.

What do you think?

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  1. Well I would say that you are correct. I believe that people need to definitely be more responsible with the way they handle sex. I also believe that if a woman is sexually violated and choses not to bare that child she should have that option. I too wonder why people don’t protect themselves I mean casual or not you never know what someone else is doing you could be totally faithful to your partner and they can be doing whatever it’s not only about pregnancy. I also think about your health people are still dying of AIDS and they put commercials on TV of different medications to help but who wants the disease. We should definitely be more proactive than reactive as a whole.

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