So it’s official!

I have decided to wait until the end of the week, Friday, to see how many replies and how much feedback I’ll get.

In the meantime, let’s talk about yesterday’s post. Some found it offensive. Others found it foolish. I am of the idea that opinions are like behinds, everyone has one. Everyone doesn’t decide to share theirs but when they do, just know it’s coming from their own place, their self.

All of our experiences shape us. Period. We may have similar stories but different experiences. I believe that because medical data proves that abortion is not medically necessary to save the life of a baby and/ or mother, but that it was created to kill off the black population, Roe versus Wade being over turned means there are bigger things at play. Have you noticed that the population has been pretty stagnant for the last several years? White women aren’t having babies at the numbers they used to. Black women are having lots of babies still but killing a lot, too. Hispanics aren’t having babies at the same rate they used to. And so on.

If we destabilize the growing population and in turn decrease the growing population of one group of people, what do you think the outcome will be?

True question. I’d love any feedback. Talk to me!

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