It’s time for change.

For the past several weeks, I’ve been thinking about change. Changing my location, changing my professional plan, changing my hair, changing my mindset. Change is inevitable. Change is good. It can be uncomfortable, it can be pleasant. But, for me, change is awesome. It’s one of those things I’ve been familiar with for a long time so I’ve learned to embrace and love it.

I’ve been posting every day for the last two months, just about. I love it! I appreciate the feedback and the support and engagement. I’m a writer at heart. I have not always known it, I’ve just always enjoyed writing and always been kinda decent at it. What’s changing here, is my focus. I love writing and want to be able to focus more on my books. I know that more people need to hear my words, and more people will hear my words. In order to focus on my family and myself, continue building my business, finish my books, and grow in the way I want to, I am saying goodbye to blogging.

I didn’t come to this conclusion easy, but I have come to it, nonetheless.

So, peeps, this week was the last week of daily posts. I’m satisfied. I’ve written for over a year. I’ve expressed and shared. I’ve received feedback and reflection. I’m grateful for this part of my journey. I’ll still continue posting here for a few more weeks, once a week. And then, I’ll make a final post.

Thank you all for your support! Chat tomorrow!

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